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Media Expo is the world's first media products online marketing hub, providing TV channels and investors a wide collection of high quality media products. At the same time, we provide media production companies an easy and free way to market their products, and put them in direct contact with the interested customers.

We focus on making agreements with the best companies from all over the world, to have the best media products from featured movies to mini TV series that reflects the needs and preferences of different types of audiences.

Recent Listings

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  • Wineline
  • The Snowman
  • The Power of Drama
  • The Mysteries of Tango
  • The Bridge At Midnight Trembles
  • The 500 Stolen Babies
  • Surfing with the Enemy
  • Searching 4 Sandeep
  • Saving The Life Keepers
  • Saints & Sinners
  • Rush
  • Perpetual Motion Machine
  • New Farms, New Success
  • New Brow: Contemporary Underground Art
  • My Home, Your War
  • Medieval Imagination
  • Mask of Deception
  • Last Yoik in Saami Forests

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Media Expo
Brisbane, Queensland / Australia
P: (61) 423 092 465
Email: digiappscompany@gmail.com
Media Expo


MediaExpo is a worldwide media agency. Our aim is to help production companies and TV Channels by providing them with one portal to list their products, and to search for new contents. Currently, MediaExpo is offering a promotion for free subscription and listings. This offer will not stay for long.

How can MediaExpo help you?

  • For Production Companies: MediExpo provides an opportunity to market your media product worldwide. Now it's free Read More...
  • For TV Channel: MediExpo offers free access to search for new media contents. Our library provides comprehensive information about the products including pilot episodes, production companies websites, and contact details Read More...
  • Produce Your Own: Throughout our wide list of contacts, MediExpo can help you in finding your service provider to produce your own media products Read More..
  • Other Services: At MediaExpo, we also provide Video & Audio Editing, Dubbing & Subtitle services Read More...

MediaExpo is a trade mark of our mother company DigiApps.